!! ok so im finally entering my junior year of school, and i've been told countless times that this school year is what matters to most when it comes colleges/universities. so unfortunately my time on here will be VERY limited, so that i can have more time to study my booty off ;;; i really really really want to do well this school year! but don't worry, i'll setting up my queue as usual so i will still be blogging pretty pretty things u w u o k

red velvet vs the wind


모델 황세온

Missing you is a breathable pain

Focusing on things that will make my feelings go up 
Want me to share my secret to happiness? - Happiness Red Velvet

seoul, south korea // ©

White Northern Lights in Finland

naeun being adorable on mnet wide news (x)


some of my favorites

[HQ] 140806 Kim Chang Ryul’s Radio - IRENE [1]