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I miss you all so much~ how are you guys? Seems like i haven’t done anything for a long time~ Finally i finished filming for the LOTJ show~ It was really the most memorable moment in my life. 5 days without touching the phone, do you know it felt? [sad face]. There’s no wifi in Solomon, I couldn’t repost that weibo post, sorry~ Qinghai~ let’s go together! Haha, i will let you see me without washing face and hair for 3 days 4 nights, do not hold it against me okay~

(the weibo post he mentioned is the post about a charity fund that is set up by a famous Chinese artist in which chinaline participated)


esquire may issue




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Szczegóły w Elie Saab Couture S / S 2014


[OFFICIAL] F(x) Krystal – Concept Photo For ‘Red Light’ 2000x1339



[著/星谷菜々 前田かおり]

写真 : 砂原文  

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Kim Soo Hyun for Chungho Nais Whi Cafe CF

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